By | 13 February 2012

It’s half term, and the phones really do go quiet, and there is a lot less email traffic.  Probably because quick holidays are being grabbed not just by personnel in our schools, but also by everyone else we work with – in Government and in other Associations – because their families also have half term.  Time to get the decks cleared and paperwork brought up to date, like the Annual Report for the year ended August 2011 – so long ago, but such a busy year.
On the other hand, the media does not stop – so 8.00 this morning and I am responding to Radio Gloucester’s concerns about the wisdom or otherwise of children boarding.  A slightly shorter interview than I would have liked – there is so much to say – but I really needed to say very little.  The bulk of the answers had already come from wonderful Sally Easterbrook at Hatherop Castle who had completely sold the idea of junior boarding, complete with a young boarder explaining why it worked for her.  The phone-in element of the programme seemed to be drawing in listeners who had themseves been boarders in the 1940s or 1950s – simply not relevant to the twenty first century experience of boarding.
Hope everyone saw the Daily Telegraph on Saturday, in which Anna Pasternak explained why her daughter Daisy loved her nights in boarding.  A good half page of a positive boarding story all the more powerful for the delightful picture of a cheerful, confident junior boarder.  As we all know, today’s flexi or occasional boarder may well turn into tomorrow’s weekly or full boarder as she grows up.
Time today to explore possible speakers for the Housemasters’ and Housemistresses’ conference to be held in early January 2013.  Evaluations at this year’s conference alerted us to the fact that we should have more women on stage – ‘Where is the gender balance?’ we were asked.  We are working on it!  Any suggestions for super speakers – male or female – gratefully received.
Meanwhile, if you are on half term, enjoy!
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