Before and after Easter

By | 11 April 2012

How did the week before Easter get so busy?  It was useful to be able to combine a trip to Manchester as a guest of ATL at their dinner, with two hours with British Council staff at their headquarters, but still felt like a hectic twenty four hours.
Conversation at the ATL dinner a stimulating reminder of how many people may no longer work in boarding, but once did, and remember it fondly.  Much emphasis on the importance of working with people as opposed to going against the grain.  I was sorry to miss Nick Gibb’s appearance – SBSA is looking forward to seeing him later this month.
British Council appears to be in a transitional phase, with a new management structure for its European bases and newly keen to work even more closely with BSA, marketing our particular education to the world.  The old partnership structure is gone, so it should feel less like a club you have to join before you see any benefits.  Overseas exhibitions for schools will still go ahead, and today I hear from them again about contributing to a marketing forum.  UKBA notwithstanding, it’s good to hear from an organisation which is still proud to sell the idea of British education abroad.
Thursday at 4.00 was my third appointment with Policy Exchange, and – sadly – the third that they cancelled.  I look forward to our discussion when it eventually happens next month.
And in between – one of the benefits of living and working in London is easy (if expensive) access to the theatre – ‘Duchess of Malfi’ followed by ‘Warhorse’ and ‘The Recruiting Officer.’  The first and last a nostalgic reminder  of my English teaching days, ‘Warhorse’ just magical.
And this week – officially on holiday! how important can a blog be?? – Alex Thomson OBE and Mark Robinson happily ensconced at Dauntsey’s School with 55 members of staff from member schools, embarking on the two day kick-start for the BSA Certificate courses in boarding.  This is possibly the largest number of students we have had at this annual course and is wonderful evidence of staff willingness to give up holiday time, and the recognition by the staff themselves and their schools of how important training now is in the boarding context.  We hope they find the course valuable and will return to duty for the Summer Term with renewed vigour and energy.  And thank you Dauntsey’s for an excellent venue.
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