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Our exported education relies on our reputation

TES is right to draw attention to both the economic value of a British education as offered in international schools overseas and the risk to this valuable sector from the constant, noisy washing of allegedly dirty linen – the criticism of British qualifications – in public (“Why the world is buying what we’re rejecting“, 20… Read More »

Boarding in the 21st Century

British boarding schools are probably the best in the world. Hilary Moriarty, National Director of the Boarding Schools’ Association, explains how much has changed and how much of value has been retained.

Halifax Alarm

Phones were red-hot in the BSA office on Friday 28 March, with journalists chasing information to fill out the press release from the Halifax Financial Services, about steep rises in boarding fees in the last ten years (articles appeared in the Telegraph, the Daily Mail and the Herald, amongst others). The Halifax had raided the… Read More »