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Welcome to our world

A lifetime from now we’ll be wondering what came to pass as a result of the Covid pandemic. Lord knows the effects will be many and various, as well as tragic and heartbreaking in many ways. One – surely unexpected – consequence of the pandemic will be a whole new kind of access to classrooms,… Read More »

Hey, I’m important

Scan the many virtues – selling points – of independent schools which parents believe to be important when choosing a school for their child, and class size will come high up on the list. Chinese schools do things differently – huge classes, excellent results – but in Britain, we cherish the belief that small classes… Read More »

Are PE lessons awesome?

You can’t travel any time-distance to 2017 without being aware you have lived/are living in revolutionary times. Consider education – who could have seen its current shape and concerns 20 years ago? Which is amazing, given it’s still – presumably – trying to do much the same thing. Or not. How disheartening recently to ask… Read More »