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Taking the lead: board meeting

Headteachers of both state and private boarding schools held their annual gathering recently. What do you need for a good conference? A good hotel, great food, convivial company and star speakers. Apart from losing education secretary Michael Gove at the last minute, the Boarding Schools’ Association, of which 38 are state boarding schools, did well… Read More »

On your side: when does the tutoring stop?

Recent news reports of university students employing coaches or tutors to help them knock their large quantities of undigested research into presentable essays and dissertations ring alarm bells. The reports suggest that this might be okay for the kind of written work undergraduates have to produce routinely, but concern should surely be expressed if this… Read More »

Sec Ed Guest editorial: Right you 'orrible lot

The focus on discipline in schools sparked by the summer’s riots has been all-to predictable and no doubt has bumped Troops to Teachers, one of the coalition’s flagship policy ideas, up the agenda again. It’s amazing how often at the Boarding Schools’ Association we receive phone calls from parents close to tears and declaring: “We… Read More »