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Thank God it’s Friday articles

Thank God it's the Holidays

Published 14 August 1998 MONDAY Stand by your beds, the Yanks are coming. Hush my mouth, no Yanks ever came from the Deep South, y’all hear? Discover in the manic clear-up too few beds for family (6) plus our visitors from across the pond (4). Rush out to buy new bed. Garden chaos shames me… Read More »

Holding on for a ticket

Published November 7, 1999 Monday: Punctuated with phone calls to bus and theatre. Right day? Time? Cost? Number of seats? Can I have four more? No chance. I’m lucky to have these, courtesy of a school party which cancelled at the last minute and the rest of the run is sold out. Every theatre in… Read More »

Candlelight at the end of the tunnel

Published Dec 20 1996 The end is nigh. Only the Christmas play, the Christmas concert, the staff panto, the carol service and report writing to get through. And that’s in your own school. If you’re also a parent, there’ll be the Christmas play, the Christmas concert,the carol service and reading the report. You probably won’t… Read More »

New kitchen

Published 22 March, 1996 Monday: It’s a tearful breakfast. This is the last time we’ll eat together in the old heart of our home the kitchen which has served us well for almost 18 years. I’m sentimental about the smallest of possessions so tea and toast this morning is richly flavoured with nostalgia. I scribble… Read More »

The Play

Published 9 Feb 1996 Monday: I’m in a panic about The Play. Producing a play to celebrate the school’s 360th birthday is one thing, but the effects of neveragainitis should have lasted for at least another decade. Producing a second play, one year after the first, is like deciding to have another baby a good… Read More »