Music to the ears of educators

Independent schools play a vital role in supporting music in the curriculum Put the right child – boy soprano – in the right church, preferably ancient and candlelit, at the right time, as close to Christmas as possible, and even strong men may weep. There is something about a frosty December night, the silence and… Read More »

The play's the thing

Building a school theatre is always a good idea. A wise and kindly headmaster once ticked me off for running a fund-raising campaign to build a new sports centre for the school of which I was headteacher, and which had not then entered The Schools Arms Race, with new facilities popping up like a rash.… Read More »

Well, what do you know?

Does everything have a right and wrong answer? Which subjects can’t be tied down to assessment objectives? If spring is here, can exams be far behind? Of course not. The academic and calendar years tick by – a teacher told me last week that by week four of the spring term, they were exactly half… Read More »