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One for the team

Is a sole leadership role is the perfect solution? Or is an extensive team is needed to lead a school to success?

We have lived through changing times in education. No change there, then. In fact, living with and through a constantly changing world of education is often cited as a reason to call a halt, quit and become a fisherman in Cornwall.

Oddly enough, even thinking of the above alternative to teaching/managing in schools brings me back round to the territory I wanted to explore for a moment: leadership. Jumping from a school to a fishing boat would just land you in another ‘unit’ with the same demands for a leader (a captain) and a staff (however many fishermen would be necessary for the job).

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The costs of the gender pay gap

What’s the gender pay gap in schools, and how does it impact senior leadership teams?

It had to happen: the rhetoric of the business world seeps even further into education and now it reaches the most important people in schools: the pupils. This time, what we are observing is part business-speak – and, indeed, practice – and part gender sensitivity.

As usual, there’s an outlier which is first to spot the trend and pursue its possibilities to become a trend-setter. 

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