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One for the team

Is a sole leadership role is the perfect solution? Or is an extensive team is needed to lead a school to success?

We have lived through changing times in education. No change there, then. In fact, living with and through a constantly changing world of education is often cited as a reason to call a halt, quit and become a fisherman in Cornwall.

Oddly enough, even thinking of the above alternative to teaching/managing in schools brings me back round to the territory I wanted to explore for a moment: leadership. Jumping from a school to a fishing boat would just land you in another ‘unit’ with the same demands for a leader (a captain) and a staff (however many fishermen would be necessary for the job).

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The costs of the gender pay gap

What’s the gender pay gap in schools, and how does it impact senior leadership teams?

It had to happen: the rhetoric of the business world seeps even further into education and now it reaches the most important people in schools: the pupils. This time, what we are observing is part business-speak – and, indeed, practice – and part gender sensitivity.

As usual, there’s an outlier which is first to spot the trend and pursue its possibilities to become a trend-setter. 

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There is probably a very long list of things you need to look like a leader, and even more if you want to be a great leader. But I have a new, magic necessity to suggest: nothing.
Nothing at all. If you really want to look like a leader, carry nothing at all. Walk the walk empty-handed, arms at your side, relaxed, confident, unencumbered.
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You don't say…

And the truth is, really, you don’t, do you? Say, that is. None of us do. How often have we thought well of someone and just not said it? Clapped hand to the shoulder, looked them in the eye and said “You were terrific”?
Most of us don’t. Maybe it’s British reserve or stiff-upper-lippiness or fear of embarrassment. Because I suspect that mostly we are not brilliant at accepting praise – maybe we don’t get enough practice? We shrug and mutter “Oh, it was nothing” or if it was really spectacular, like a raging river rescue, “Oh, anyone would have done the same … it was nothing special.”
There are times when you wish that you had said something to a colleague or a friend, but the moment passed. And then you realise “Hey, that was a pity – I should have said …” and lo! You get a reprieve. An opportunity arises and you grab it with both hands and blurt out the words. Usually a thank you. Something was said or done that made a difference to you and possibly yours and it’s worth remarking upon. Worth appreciating. Aloud.
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